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Security Solutions-Quality Service: For personalized security solutions for your home or business, count on Alarm Research, Inc. We are locally owned and operated and pride ourselves on quality service and a personalized approach.

Albuquerque Alarm-Security Solutions: For over 40 years, Alarm Research, Inc has been serving the Albuquerque area, providing security solutions for residential and commercial clients.

Residential Security-Commercial Services: Complete security is what we offer; Alarm Research, Inc. provides a wide range of security services for residential and commercial clients.

Safe Haven-Home Alarm: Your home is your safe haven; Alarm Research, Inc. will help you keep it that way.

Residential Theft Protection-Albuquerque Home Alarm: Protect your home against burglars and intruders by partnering with Alarm Research, Inc. We have the equipment and strategies you need to deter criminals, gain control and obtain peace of mind.

Residential Defense-Alarm System: Alarm systems are the first line of residential defense and Alarm Research, Inc. can help you choose the right system for your home.

Alarm Camera Deterrent-Albuqueruque Security System : Not all security cameras are created equal. Learn about the most commonly used security cameras and how to identify which are right for your home or building.

CCTV System-Commercial Security: A CCTV system isn’t just for commercial purposes; Alarm Research, Inc. can provide you with a residential CCTV system that will improve your security.

Residential Access Control-Albuquerque Home Security: Know who’s coming and going in your home with access control from Alarm Research, Inc.

Home Video System-Residential Security Albuquerque : Protect your home and its occupants 24/7, with an advanced home security system. See how a residential security system can save you money and give you peace of mind.

Commercial Security-Albuquerque Business Protection: Your business is your livelihood. Alarm Research, Inc. will help you keep it secure.

Customizable Security Systems-Prevent Theft Albuquerque: Shoplifting, burglary and employee theft are pervasive and costly problems. Protect your business against each with advanced commercial theft prevention.

24/7 Alarm Systems-Commercial Security Albuquerque: You can’t be at work 24/7, but Alarm Research, Inc. can give you the peace of mind you need to let you enjoy those off-hours.

Security Cameras-Commercial Property: Security cameras give you eyes where you need them, and Alarm Research, Inc. has the security cameras and expertise you need.

Commercial CCTV Systems-Albuquerque Security: CCTV systems provide essential security help for your commercial location and Alarm Research, Inc. has those systems available.

Commercial Access Control-Business Security: Access control keeps your facility secure and your business safe; Alarm Research, Inc. has the expertise and equipment you need for this.

Albuquerque Video Systems-Complete Commercial Security: Video surveillance is a crucial component of your commercial security system. Partner with a security team with over 40 years of experience to protect your building and your bottom line.

Commercial Theft Prevention-Albuquerque Security Systems: Burglary, shoplifting and employee theft cost U.S. small businesses billions of dollars each year. Build a custom commercial security system to prevent your business from becoming the next target.

Storage Protection Options-Security Alarm Albuquerque: Keep what you put in storage safe with security options from Alarm Research, Inc.

Albuquerque Custom Commercial Security-Alarms, Access, Theft, Fire: Because security threats vary from business to business and industry to industry, you need a custom security solution to protect your assets, personnel and bottom line. Learn more about our tailored security solutions.

Commercial Fire Security-Albuquerque Alarm Systems: Fire is one of the most devastating things that can happen to a home or business. Alarm Research, Inc. offers fire security systems to help you avoid catastrophe.

Prevent Copper Theft-Alarm Security Solutions: It may sound unusual, but copper theft is a serious problem. Alarm Research, Inc. can provide you with security solutions to prevent copper theft.

Albuquerque Commercial Intrusion Protection Systems: Both internal and external theft threatens your business’s bottom line every day. Protect against it and other risks by partnering with Alarm Research, Inc.

Monitoring Commercial Services-24/7 Albuquerque Security: Monitoring services are invaluable for businesses, and Alarm Research, Inc. has 24/7 monitoring available.

Albuquerque Security Systems-Custom Design, Install & Repair: No two building’s or home’s security needs are alike, which is why Alarm Research, Inc., offers strictly custom security system solutions to residents and business owners throughout Albuquerque.

Security System Upgrades-Home & Business Protection Solutions: Call us and we will evaluate your system free of charge and offer you an affordable solution to ensure that your family or business is protected.

Albuquerque Commercial Security Systems-Alarms, Monitoring & Video: Your business is subject to a variety of external risks. A comprehensive security system can protect your building, your employees and your bottom line.

Commercial Security Solutions: Strengthen your existing commercial security system with advanced equipment and solutions. Learn which features will best protect your bottom line.

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