Residential Theft Prevention for Your Albuquerque Home

Residential burglary and theft can take much more than a financial toll on your family – it can also have an adverse psychological impact that makes it difficult, if not impossible, for you to feel safe in your own home. At Alarm Research, Inc., we make it our job to protect your home and preserve your peace of mind. We do that by recommending and installing robust security and surveillance systems that utilize state-of-the-art equipment, adhere to industry best practices and utilize our more than 40 years of industry experience.

Residential Theft Protection 300x200 Residential Theft Prevention for Your Albuquerque Home

Advanced Residential Security Solutions

At Alarm Research, Inc., we have the skill and resources to install some of the most advanced security systems available to Albuquerque homeowners. Though security needs vary based on a number of factors — including a home’s location, its size and its unique challenges — some features are more standard than others. Common deterrence equipment we use to keep the bad guys out and your stuff in include the following:

  • Cameras: With cameras strategically placed both inside and outside of your home, you can monitor your premises 24/7, identify the culprit if theft does occur and, best of all, deter criminals.
  • Alarms: Motion-activated alarms can scare away intruders and alert you when something is amiss.
  • Motion Sensors and Lights: Use motion sensors and motion-activated lights to scare away burglars and intruders and alert neighbors of their presence.
  • Window Locks: Windows are common points of entry for thieves and intruders. Secure your windows with window locks that can only be accessed from the inside.
  • Smart Locks: For all those times you forget to lock the door on your way out, use smart locks. Smart locks allow you to enable locks from your smartphone and from anywhere you have internet access. You can even trigger the locks when you are within your home and detect suspicious activity.
  • Doorbell Camera: Smart doorbells will detect activity even if a person never rings it. Catch package thieves in the act, identify potential criminals who scope out your property and even scare away intruders by speaking to them directly through the doorbell camera.

We integrate each of these solutions with our 24/7 monitoring station so that you don’t have to be the only person who keeps an eye on your home. If a member of our surveillance team detects suspicious activity, we will trigger an alert. The alert will go directly to the local police department, which will dispatch an officer to your home immediately.

Entrust Your Home’s Safety to a Security Team With Experience

For more than 40 years, homeowners throughout Albuquerque and the surrounding areas have been entrusting the safety of their homes and loved ones to Alarm Research, Inc., and for good reason: We know what works. Among other tactics, we rely heavily on deterrence measures to keep the bad guys out.

To see what residential security measures we recommend for your home, or to identify points of weakness in an existing security system, contact our team to schedule your consultation today.