Advanced Security Cameras and Surveillance Equipment for Your Albuquerque Home

Not all security cameras are created equal. Due to advances in wireless, video and smart technology, there is now a wide range of sophisticated security camera equipment you can use to build up a customized security system. The key is to identify what technology and features make the most sense for your home and lifestyle, and to install the equipment in such a way that it offers the most protection for your Albuquerque home.

At Alarm Research, Inc., we specialize in all things security, including security cameras. When you partner with us, we will assess your home, identify challenges and points of weakness, and point you toward the equipment that will best protect your home against burglaries, intrusion and other property crimes.

The Most Common Types of Security Cameras

There are dozens of types of security cameras you can use to protect your home, each of which is designed for a particular purpose. While our security team is more than happy to find and install any type of camera you need to improve your home’s security, the most common types of equipment we install are as follows:

  • Motion Detector Cameras: Motion detector cameras only begin transmitting and recording footage when it detects activity. This equipment can save you countless hours of DVR storage space and alert you to any suspicious activity that occurs on your property.
  • Indoor Cameras: Indoor cameras typically fall into one of two categories: “fixed lens” and “dome.” Fixed lens cameras allow you to focus permanently on a given area of your home, while dome cameras offer a 360-degree view at all times. Both offer high-quality footage and ample peace of mind.
  • Outdoor Cameras: Outdoor cameras are more durable than indoor cameras and feature components that allow you to obtain wider exterior views in various types of lighting conditions. They, like many indoor cameras, feature tilt control, remote panning, infrared night vision, wireless connectivity and motion detection.
  • Wireless Technology: Wireless cameras are a great option for homes that require equipment in places that cannot be hardwired. Alarm Research, Inc. offers partial and complete wireless setups, allowing you to equip your home with any type of camera you desire, regardless of connectivity challenges.
  • Adjustable Cameras: Adjustable cameras offer more flexibility than the standard motion detection cameras, as they feature motor-driven actuators. With these cameras, you can easily move the camera and its lens around to focus on wider fields of view, tiny details or whatever is most important at the time.

When you invest in one or more of the above types of cameras, you can gain more control and coverage, both of which equate to increased protection of your home.

Combine Your Cameras With a Security System

When it comes to protecting your home, cameras are only half the equation. For full protection, combine your cameras with an advanced security system.

At Alarm Research, Inc., we build full-integrated security systems that boast features such as flexible viewing, remote monitoring, the option to view footage on a video splitter or through multiple feeds simultaneously, multiple-person viewing, fully programmable DVRs, remote monitoring, home automation and more.

To learn more about our video camera equipment and advanced security solutions, contact a member of our team today.