Residential Solutions

In times of uncertainty it is more important than ever to be sure that your family is safe. With state of the art home security systems from Alarm Research you can help defend your family and your home from the threat of home invasion, burglary, forced entry and fire.

With our local monitoring service you can rest easy knowing that even when you are not at home, someone is watching out for you and your family.

Don’t wait until disaster strikes, now is the time to call us and find out how easy it is to protect your loved ones and your property by installing a home security system.

24 Hour UL Logo Green Residential Solutions Listed Monitoring:

When an alarm signal is received from your home, you can count on Alarm Research to deliver a fast response to both you and the police.

Fire and Smoke Monitoring:

When your Alarm Research fire or smoke detector signals an alarm, the signal is sent to our Monitoring Station and your local fire department is notified.

Carbon Monoxide Monitoring:

Alarm Research carbon monoxide detectors offer 24 hour home monitoring protection. Our detectors are designed to trigger a siren in your home while simultaneously sending a signal alert to our Monitoring Station.

Flood and Temperature Monitoring:

Alarm Research flood detectors help protect your home against water damage. When a sensor signals an alarm, someone from our Monitoring Station will notify you immediately.