Copper Theft Prevention in Albuquerque

GettyImages 452954303 300x199 Copper Theft Prevention in AlbuquerqueWith the cost of copper on the rise, copper theft is a growing and pervasive problem in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. Copper theft can cause your business thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages, as such theft compromises the integrity of your electrical and water systems, as well as the very foundation of your building. Not only that, but if someone sustains an injury on your property while in the act of stealing copper, you could face a premises liability lawsuit. Fortunately, you can prevent the costly consequences of copper theft by investing in copper theft prevention measures.

Protecting Your Commercial Building Against Copper Theft

Preventing copper theft entails deploying many of the same security measures that you might use to protect your commercial building or home from burglary. Those measures fall into the following three categories:

  • Deterrence
  • Prevention
  • Prosecution


When it comes to any type of crime, deterrence is key. Monitoring systems that utilize visible security cameras, coupled with motion detectors such as lights and alarms, will make potential thieves think twice about raiding your walls for copper. Our advanced CCTV monitoring systems, security cameras, video cameras and alarms systems can help you achieve the best possible outcome — which is to scare the would-be-thief away.


If security cameras and motion detectors aren’t enough to scare away a persistent thief, an advanced monitoring system can really pay off. A monitoring system will work for you 24/7, even when you’re unable to watch surveillance footage yourself. If the system detects unusual activity or activity that occurs outside of your set parameters (day, time, etc.), it will alert you and local law enforcement. At the very least, this type of swift action can drastically reduce the amount of damage a copper thief can cause.


If, despite your best efforts, a thief makes off with your copper and leaves you with significant damage, footage from your camera systems can be used to identify, track down and capture the criminals.

Build Your Custom Copper Theft Prevention System Today

Preventing copper theft may be as simple as placing a single phone call. At Alarm Research, Inc., we have been helping business owners and homeowners in Albuquerque and the surrounding areas protect their properties against intrusions, theft and other security issues for over 40 years. We do this by providing advanced and custom security solutions designed to meet the unique needs of every property. From comprehensive CCTV systems to access control to 24/7 remote monitoring, we provide a range of complex security solutions.

To schedule your initial assessment, and to start building your custom system, contact our team today.