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Security is a concern for everyone; business and homeowners alike want to know that they have protection from theft and intrusion. Alarm Research, Inc. has been providing that peace of mind for over 40 years with individualized security systems designed to cater to individual needs.

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Our Goals

Everyone has a different level of security that they need. Some business owners need to be able to watch their premises 24/7; others may require secure entry access but no video feed. Homeowners may wish to have fire alarms, video feeds or alarm systems but not include motion detectors. Our goal is to provide the customized security system that gives you the peace of mind and safety you need.

From advanced features to basic security measures, we can customize a security system to be exactly what you want. Even a simple security system is better than nothing, but when you need to cover specific entrances or monitor after-hours access, we have those options available.

Dedicated to Customer Service

Alarm Research, Inc. ensures that every customer gets that peace of mind that comes with a solid security system. All of our technicians are experienced, insured and bonded; we don’t send anyone to your home that we wouldn’t send to our own. We never outsource work to subcontractors; every system we provide is designed and installed by our employees.

We focus on providing long-term security, creating a system and ensuring that it lasts for years. This is why we’re always available for customer questions and why we go the extra step to provide the customization that you want for your security. It’s your home, your business and your peace of mind, so you should feel confident in the security system you’ve chosen with the help of our experts. Contact us today to take the first step in getting your own customized security system!

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