Theft Prevention for Albuquerque’s Homes & Property

Your home is where you live, and because you and your family deserve to be comfortable, you’ve invested money into providing furniture, electronics, necessities and décor. Theft is more than just a violation of your home’s security; it has a direct impact on your finances, your family’s peace of mind and your mental health. Alarm Research, Inc. has theft prevention measures available to keep your home and investments secure.

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What is Theft Prevention?

Common sense dictates that closing and locking a door is theft prevention, but security systems developed because small measures don’t always protect your home from burglary. By adding cameras, motion sensors and alarm systems to your home, you ensure that even determined thieves will come away empty-handed.

Motion sensors will detect when someone has crossed your yard or entered a doorway. Cameras record their appearance and show how they breached your home’s defenses. Alarm systems, tied to the motion sensors, will alert the 24/7 monitoring station that there has been an intrusion and the police are notified immediately. With this as protection, thieves have very little time to get into your home, let alone get away with your possessions.

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Deterrence is Protection

Did you know that many burglars actively avoid homes that have alarm system notifications? The presence of a security system can greatly reduce your likelihood of becoming one of the two million U.S. homes that are broken into every year. Alarm Research, Inc. provides the customized security system you need to prevent theft from happening.

For over 40 years, we’ve been helping Albuquerque stay safe, and we can provide you with the same peace of mind. Theft prevention measures keep your home safe, your possessions where they belong and protect you and your finances from needing to replace things that have been taken. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to select your customized security system!


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