Residential Access Control for Albuquerque’s Homes

Home is a specific place for you and your family, and it’s not open to the public. Access control helps you ensure that by providing a greater measure of security on who is and isn’t allowed in and out of your home. But what if someone does enter your home without your express permission? Alarm Research, Inc. has the alarm systems and access control you need to prevent that from happening.

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Access Control Benefits

Your home is not a public location. You and your family are the only ones permitted to come and go; even guests have to knock and ask for entrance. Access control ensures that by keeping your home secure. You decide who is allowed in and out of your home, and you’ll know who’s coming and going throughout the day.

Access control goes beyond knowing who in your home has a house key. Now you can install locks that utilize numerical codes, allowing you and your family to rest assured that losing their key ring hasn’t just given someone the ability to break into your home. Systems can even be programmed to turn on lights or handle climate control, letting you light your home before you arrive. You can control property access at all times, giving you a measure of security that a deadbolt can’t offer on its own.

Keeping Albuquerque Secure

Security systems are only one of the features that Alarm Research, Inc. offers to Albuquerque and the surrounding areas. For over 40 years, we’ve provided fire and smoke monitoring, flood and temperature control, 24/7 security monitoring and customizable security systems that work with you and your lifestyle.

You can incorporate access control into your home security or create an entirely new system that will be tailored to suit your family. Contact us today to begin choosing the access control features that will give you the greatest peace of mind.

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