Albuquerque’s Choice for Commercial Storage Protection

Not all inventory is kept in your business location. If you have business records, additional inventory, work equipment or other valuable items in storage, you need to ensure that that storage remains safe. Not just from theft—flood and fire can do as much damage to your business’s well-being as a burglary can. And Alarm Research, Inc. has the security solutions you need to ensure that your storage areas are protected.

Alarms, Monitoring and More

Storage areas rarely have much foot traffic—if someone’s wandering into your storage areas, you need to know who it is and why. Motion detectors tied to an alarm system can alert you to when someone has entered your storage rooms. Security cameras tied to a CCTV system will give you eyes where you need them, showing you who’s looking into your storage area.

Do you have records that you need to keep for a certain length of time? Fire and flood can both damage paper records beyond repair. Fire, temperature and flood monitoring give you the protection you need against coming in after a weekend off and finding disaster. With 24/7 monitoring, help will be notified immediately if an alarm goes off, saving you the cost of a catastrophe.

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Protect Your Business and Yourself

Keeping your storage area secure is doing more than just protecting your inventory and equipment. If a customer wanders into a storage area and gets hurt, they could press a lawsuit. Access control and security measures protect you as well as your inventory. Alarm Research, Inc. has been providing storage protection, security systems and more to Albuquerque for more than 40 years; we know how to help you pick the security options you need.

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