Protecting Albuquerque’s Copper from Theft

Copper is not used in only pennies, and the high price of copper in recent years has made it a very attractive option for thieves. Copper’s per pound value has increased in the past decade, motivating people to take dangerous risks to steal wiring, piping and other sources of copper. This can leave your commercial location missing necessary services and put the cost of replacement on you. Alarm Research, Inc. has security solutions that will keep you and your business location safe.

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Copper Theft is Illegal and Dangerous

Scrap metal is a source of income for some people, but because of the raising rates of copper theft, there are now specific laws requiring documentation, seller identification and more. This doesn’t stop some criminals; copper theft is still a problem. Piping, electrical wiring and other aspects of construction all utilize copper. Imagine coming to your business location and finding holes in the walls, no power and water all over the floors because someone was stealing copper.

Copper theft can even hurt or kill the person stealing it. Because copper is used so often in electrical work, thieves cut away wires and strip the plastic coating. This puts them at serious risk of electrocution, and puts business owners in the position of dealing with law enforcement if they discover someone seriously hurt or deceased on their property.

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Protect Yourself and Your Copper

Theft prevention is necessary to keep the copper fittings of your commercial location safe. Alarm Research, Inc. offers customized alarm systems to ensure that your business stays safe. Access control, alarm systems, CCTV systems and 24/7 monitoring are aspects of a security system that will protect your location from copper theft.

Save yourself the trouble of dealing with replacing copper fittings for your business or worse! Contact us today and start your customized security system to protect yourself and your livelihood from copper theft.

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