Commercial Solutions

Larger buildings and office complexes often require much more than burglar and fire alarms. Whether your building is under construction, relatively new, or an older building that is under protected, now is the time to make important decisions about your commercial security needs, including a security camera system.

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Many people don’t think about security until after their building is complete, or after an event, which could have been avoided by planning ahead. The best time to set up your security system is right now. At Alarm Research we will design a highly effective commercial security system integrating video surveillance, intrusion detection and control, in addition to fire and personal safety. We will work with you to determine exactly what you need, and professionally install a state-of-the-art security system.

24 Hour UL Logo Green Commercial Solutions Listed Monitoring:

When an alarm signal is received from your business, you can count on Alarm Research to deliver a fast response to both you and the police.

Fire Alarms and Monitoring:

Our fire alarm systems and 24 Hour UL Logo Green Commercial Solutions Listed Monitoring service will help protect both the people within your organization and your business assets. When an alarm is triggered we will notify your local fire department. For larger facilities a customized system can be set up to pinpoint the exact location of the fire.

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Carbon Monoxide Monitoring:

Alarm Research carbon monoxide detectors offer 24 hour business monitoring protection. Our detectors are designed to trigger a siren in your business while simultaneously sending a signal alert to our Monitoring Station.

Flood and Temperature Monitoring:

Alarm Research flood detectors help protect your business against water damage. When a sensor signals an alarm, someone from our Monitoring Station will notify you immediately.

Intrusion Detection:

Alarm Research intrusion detection systems are designed to protect people and property. We ensure that the system covers all areas in your building or office against unauthorized entry and robbery. We ensure that all the windows, doors, and skylights are protected.

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Video Surveillance/Cameras:

Our Video surveillance systems help protect against fraud and theft and document events that can be turned over to the proper authorities and/or insurance companies. With modern technology, this information can be accessed from any location, anytime. We will design a customized solution that meets your companies needs for a security camera system.

Access Control Systems:

We integrate an access control system that ensures only the right people have access to your business. Our systems allow you to track, record, and delete users throughout your organization. You will also have the flexibility to restrict access to sensitive areas within your business.

Copper Theft Protection:

Copper Theft and deterrence has become very important to businesses of all types and Alarm Research has developed solutions to tackle the problem with excellent results using existing systems in conjunction with our UL listed central station and video surveillance equipment.